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X-Particles is a completely new, full-featured, particle system for CINEMA 4D. X-Particles does not need the standard Cinema 4D emitter or Thinking Particles. X-Particles contains a system of close control over almost all parameters using Questions and Actions. No Xpresso is required and everything is done through Cinema’s Object and Attribute Managers in the same way as for other objects.

Current News

X-Particles Version 3 Open Beta Announced! Click to learn more about some of the features of Version 3 and sign up for the open beta!

Check out the X-Particles Demo reel to see it in action!


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I find this is the absolute go-to anytime that I want to do anything with particles... There are so many possibilities and great looks you can achieve with even just some really simple setups Mike "Beeple" Winkelman
Having never used X-Particles prior to the project, I needed to get familiar with it fairly quickly. The first thing I noticed was how intuitive and user-friendly the process was. Ofer Zmora of Double Surface Designs
X-Particles is THE must-have particle plugin for C4D users. Before X-Particles came along you were either stuck with the very basic C4D particle emitter or the much more complicated Thinking Particles setup. Dominic Watkins, Creative Director of Pixelmotion.tv